Helpful Technical Resources

2023 | Clear Cut Conrad the Cone Crusher

Quad-NEO Tank Drivetrain

Single-Cim 2-Stage Cascading Elevator

Pneumatically Actuated Horizontal Extender

Onshape CAD: FRC 847 2023 Robot


Quad-Cim Tank Drivetrain

Dual-NEO Power-Cell Shooter (low goal)

Dual Chamber Power-Cell Storage


Quad-Cim Tank Drivetrain

Low-Level Hatch Panel and Cargo Placement

Pneumatic Based HAB Level 2 Climber

2018 | Skittles

Quad-Cim Mecanum Drivetrain

Pneumatically Actuated Claw Intake

Dual-Cim 2-Stage Cascading Elevator

Elevator Based Climber


Quad-Cim Mecanum Drivetrain

Gear Transport

Winch-Based Rope Climber